Happy Clients with Keto Diet Success



"My Keto Coach has helped me a great deal.  The right hints at the right time.  I knew I needed accountability and encouragement.  My coach took the time to find out the why's for doing Keto.  She has great suggestions and helps me stay focused.  I feel hopeful again...and that's pretty priceless.  Aches & Joint pain reduced by half! Clothes fit better (wow that was fast). Brain fog near zero. Humor, optimism and sense of control on the rise. Skin looks better. Eyes look clearer. This is hard to believe and I'm the one experiencing these changes.  What I do consistently determines my success or failure.  I'd plan to consistently succeed...for a change".  Val P.

"I'm Giddy.  Thanks to Michelle Borthwick I've had Keto diet success that is unbelievable.  I've been trying on pants that  I couldn't get into and they fit me now.  So excited and can't thank you enough"  Connie G. 

"Had the best coaching session ever with my fantastic and caring coach Michelle Borthwick!  I'm so impressed with the support.  I wish I could convince my two sisters to do this but as my coach said...the best thing is to model Keto for my sisters."  Lisa C.  

"I'm not  confident I could have done this without Michelle's help.  I didn't think I'd like the food and changing my diet would be hard.  I actually love the recipes Michelle provided and enjoy preparing the food.  Anyone who wants to try Keto, please talk to her first.  She knows how to make it easy and fun."  Heather S. 

A coach was the best investment in myself I've made in a long time.  There is so much questionable and confusing information out there about Keto.  I wanted to do it right and get the best results.  Michelle simplified it all.  Gave me the tools I needed.  I'm not much of a cook but found it enjoyable to make simple recipes and get back to being in the kitchen again.  The fast food habit had gotten the best of me.  I've lost so much weight and feel like a new person. "  Rachel C.